Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rain rain please stay... My sadness needs to go away...

"Things can change in a day," I spoke out loudly as I wiped the ongoing flow of water from my eyes. I cried too much today, which is very unlike me. But the pain and sadness I am feeling in my heart right now, I can't think of a better way to express these emotions other than weeping loudly. Is has been more than five hours since my mom was announced dead, but I can't seem to get over it. I really can't. I thought I was strong, but I guess I am not, at all.

Even a day before today, she was perfectly fine and in tip-top condition. I can remember yesterday clearly. It was raining heavily, and everyone had gotten inside their apartments. Everyone, except my young and childish mom. She got outside to our family garden and started dancing. From the windows I could see her elegance shining in the downpour. It seemed as if the world was her stage, and God had added the rain as an environmental effect, to make my mother look more beautiful. I was in complete awe, as I watched her coming towards me, tip-toe-ing. She opened the door, forcefully took me outside, and made me drench in the rain. Instantly I felt a sudden sense of serenity around me, as the heavenly water wettened my external organs. My mom looked at me and said,

"See, everyone can be sad. Even the sky, look at it crying now. Poor thing must be really hurt for some reason."

Each time I looked into her eyes, I could see her childish attitude and happiness spurting out with excitement. My mom continued,

"But the strange thing about the sky's sadness is that it washes away all our sadness."

I perfectly understood what she meant. My mom had suffered a very bad childhood, where grandfather married another woman even when grandmother was still around. Everyday she grew up enduring the torture of her evil stepmother, but that never took her happiness away. We sat down at two chairs on the garden, and my mom looked at me, and said,

"Whenever you feel sad, wish for a rain. It will come and make you happy again."

Saying that, she gave the most priceless smile I have ever seen.

No one expected a sudden heart attack would take this smile away from my mom. Without saying anymore words, I went out of the hospital. Just then, out of my utter surprise, a heavy downpour began. The tears of my eyes mixed with the tears of the sky. I looked up like my mom used to do, and my sadness started vanishing away, and I smiled. The smile from my mom has been given to me now.

.... Things might change in a day, some things remain the same forever.